Admission Guidelines

Instruction for Submission of Admission Forms for SSC Annual Exam 2014

Result cancellation Rules

Result can cancel only 9th & 1st year students. They can cancel their result in One Subject or Two Subjects or Full Part. Candidate can cancel their result within Ten days after declaration of Result. 
Result cancellation have the following requirements:
Result Cancellation Fee is Rs 300/- (For one paper) Rs 600/ - (For two paper) Rs 1000/- (For full part).

  • Application for Result cancellation.
  • Covering Letter from School/ College.
  • Affidavit, counter signed by Oath Commissioner.
  •  Original DMC of 9th Class/ First year.
  • Original Bank Receipt.
  • Father NIC.

Shifting of Examination Centre

Board allotted nearest Examination Centre to the Candidate residence but in case of enmity or other ,serious problem Candidate can shift their Examination Centre. The following requirements are necessary for shifting Exam Centre.

  • Original Roll No. Slips.
  • Application from candidate.
  • FIR Photocopy (Attested by SHO.
  • Father NIC.
  • Original Fee Receipt.
  • Four attested photographs.

Amanuenses Case

Those Candidates who are disable e.g. partially Blind Hand Fracture etc and they cannot write in the paper. 8th Class Student can sit for writing him. so the following procedure adopted for them.


  • Partially Blind Certificate.
  • Covering letter from School.
  • Four attested photographs of 8th Class student & Four of the Candidate