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Fee Structure

Fee Category Nature of Fee Amount
SSC Examination Fee SSC Examination 9th Fee (All category) Rs.2000/-
SSC Examination 10th Fee (All category) Rs.2200/-
SSC Examination Improvement  (1 or 2 subject) Rs.2500/-
SSC Examination Improvement (full) Rs.2500/-
HSSC Examination Fee HSSC Examination 1st Year Fee (All category) Rs.2200/-
HSSC Examination 2nd Year Fee (All category) Rs.2500/-
HSSC Examination Improvement  (1 or 2 Subject) Rs.2500/-
HSSC Examination Improvement (full) Rs.2500/-
Enrollment/Registration Fee Enrollment Fee (Both Govt. & Private Schools) Rs.500/-
Registration Fee (Both Govt. & Private Schools) Rs.700/-
Sports Fee (9th) Rs.150/-
Sports Fee (1st Year) Rs.200/-
MIGRATION Fee Migration Fee (All types) Rs.1000/-
Duplicate Migration Rs.1200/-
Migration Cancellation  Rs.300/-
DMC/Retotalling/Grace Marks/UFM Fee Duplicate DMC Rs.700/-
Triplicate DMC Rs.2000/-
Verification Fee (DMC) For IBCC RS.1000/- Normal Rs.700/-
Retotaling of Marks Rs.700/-
UFM Appeal Fee Rs.2000/-
Grace Marks Fee Rs.600/-
Gazatte DVD SSC/HSSC Rs.500/-
Gazatte Book Fee (Hard form) Rs.5000/-
Result Cancellation Full Part Rs.3500/-
Original Certificate Fee Verification Fee (Certificate) For IBCC RS.1000/- Normal Rs.700/-
Duplicate Original Certificate Rs.1500/-
Triplicate Original Certificate Rs.3000/-
Revised Original Certificate Rs.800/-
Urgent Original Certificate Rs.800/-
Provisional Certificate Rs.200/-
Surety Certificate Rs.200/-
Attempt Certificate Rs.300/-
Correction Fee
 (Name, Father Name & Date of Birth)
Correction in Name, Father Name (Vowel) Rs.3000/-
Correction through Admission Withdrawal Register (AWR) Rs.1500/-
Correction in Name/ father name through Court Decree Rs.4000/-
Correction in Date of Birth through Court Decree Rs.3000/-
Correction in Date of Birth through committee for removing unnatural gap between siblings Rs.5000/-
Affiliation/ Renewal Fee Renewal Fee Govt School. (SSC) Rs.500/-
Renewal Fee Private School (SSC) Rs.8000/-
Renewal Fee Govt. College (HSSC) Rs.800/-
Renewal Fee Private College (HSSC) Rs.10000/-
First Affiliation Fee Govt. School (SSC) Rs.1000/-
First Affiliation Fee Govt. College (HSSC) Rs.1500/-
First Affiliation Fee Private School (SSC) Rs.30000/-
First Affiliation Fee Private College (HSSC) Rs.35000/-
Examination Centre Fee Creation of Examination Centre Rs.100000/-
Change of Examination Centre Rs.5000/-

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