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UFM(Unfair Means)

The rules as per Board Calendar for treating UFM cases are:

a)         Every Examination centre shall be subject to inspection as authorized by the Chairman or Secretary to such officers / officials on their behalf.

b)         The inspector may be drawn from amongst the Board’s Members, Board Officers, Retired or Serving District Education Officers, Head of Institution, Senior Officers of Education Department and Professors both of Colleges or Universities.

c)         Every centre inspector shall submit/dispatch his/her inspection report on prescribed performa or through a simple page on the same day if it is serious issue or next day to Controller of Examinations. While framing UFM case, all the mentioned steps should be strictly followed in letter and spirit. UFM cases framed in examination hall must be handed over to the concerned supervisory staff, if it is comments, or cheating material attached with Answer Books of the concerned candidate. UFM committee must check the Answer Book with cheating material while hearing but deciding the cases without evidence is a breach of justice.


1.  Confiscate the copying material from the candidate.
2.  Put the R.No./Serial No. of the Answer Book on cheating material recovered from the candidate.
3.  Stamp the copying material with UFM stamp. The material must be signed by the inspector and Superintendent (in case, full name can not be put then short name of the Inspector/Superintendent should be). The inspector also report the same in his report to Secretary and Controller.
4.  The UFM cases, whether caught by inspector or supervisory staff must be reflected and highlighted in the “Centre Memo” at the time of dispatch of the Answer Books to board.
5.  Inspector and Supervisory staff MUST work in complete coordination while reporting UFM cases. Sending UFM without fulfilling above procedure shall not be entertained by Board.
6.  All the UFM cases will be dispatched to the Board in a separate envelop and clearly marked as UFM/Stray Answer Book.
7.  Inspectors are required to report to the examinations centre 15 minutes before the start of the paper and ensure that the Question Paper Envelop is properly sealed.
8.  In case of use of unfair means, if the number was more than 40, then disciplinary action shall be taken against the supervisory staff.


Subject to the generality the word “unfairmeans” shall include the following if a candidate during an exam is found:-

1.  Caught in possession of unauthorized material.
2.  Removing a leaf from his/her Answer Book.
3.  Using abusive or obscene language in his/her answer book.
4.  Making an appeal to the examiner in his/her answer books.
5.  Making false representation in his/her admission form or any document produced by him/her.
6.  Forging another person signature on his/her Admission Form or any other documents.
7.  Refusing to obey any legal instructions issued to him/her by the Board in connection with an exam.
8.  Disclosing his/her identity or making peculiar marks on his/her Answer Book for getting undue favour in marking.
9.  Giving or receiving assistance in cheating or allowing any other candidate to copy from his/her Answer Book.
10.  Creating disturbance of any kind during the exam or otherwise misbehaving in or around the exam hall/center.
11.  Copying from any paper, book or other source.
12.  Making an organized deliberate prior arrangement to cheat in the exam such as smuggling in or taking out of hall a Question Paper or an Answer Book, impersonation or mis-conduct of a serious nature.
13.  Taking the whole or a part of an Answer Book or a Continuation Sheet into or out of an examination centre.
14.  Substitute the whole or a part of the Answer Book or Continuation Sheet not issued to him for the exam.


The Chairman shall appoint annually one or more Discipline Committees to deal with cases of the alleged use of unfair means in connection with exam.


The Discipline Committee shall ensure to check all the evidence while deciding the case and prepare individual comments as report to declare guilty or not-guilty. The Committee must ensure the presence of Answer Book and relevant material or comments of the inspector while hearing of cases along with signature of inspector and superintendent hall.

Incomplete cases shall not be entertained without evidence and Answer Book. The Secrecy Section and Controller shall ensure a day before that all material are submitted to the committee when it sits.


Punishment to the following extent may be awarded for different nature of offences & guilt  based on the intensity of act, to the candidate using unfair means and malpractices.

S #

Nature of Offence/Guilt


Punishment to be awarded


Possession of incriminatory material and computerized Calculator/Mobile Phone. Use of improper/indecent/vulgar obscene languages/sketches in script, writing, making an appeal to the examiner on question paper/answer book.


Relevant paper to be cancelled in case of more than one paper the particular result shall be cancelled


Unauthorized change of exam center

  1. Cancellation of all papers of the relevant examination.
  2. To be debarred from appearing in the next immediate exam addition to the above.



  1. cancellation of relevant paper
  2. cancellation of all papers & the relevant exam
  3. debarred from appearing in the immediate next exam.


Committing of fraud/forgery/mutilation in the script/Board documents


Disqualification of 1 to 3 Examinations


Acts of misbehavior such as:

  1. Causing hindrance in the discharge of duties of center staff
  2. Threatening the Supervisory Staff
  3. Use of derogatory remarks & abusive language.
  4. Physical assault & causing injury to invigilators/centre staff/possessing fire arms  

Disqualification Four & Six Exams depend on the nature and intensity of commission.


Impersonation or allowing abetment there of smuggling question papers/script in the original or solved forms from inside or outside the exam center.


Disqualification for Two to Six exams


Attempting to influence directly or indirectly the examinations/supervisory staff with the object of influencing in the award of marks/copying


Relevant papers to be cancelled


Any other offence/act/guilt not covered in the above classification


Punishment to be awarded according to the nature of the offence/guilt as decided by the Chairman.


A candidate to whom the decision of the Discipline Committee is communicated and if he or she has valid reasons to appeal may appeal to Committee of Appeal within two weeks time by depositing the prescribed fee. The applicant will be given an opportunity to be heard in person by the committee if he/she so desires. Every year the Chairman shall nominate Committee of Appeal for two years tenure. The nominees of Committee of Appeal shall not be members of Discipline Committee.


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